Relive Your Childhood

This adorable list I found on BuzzFeed makes me that much more excited to start a family. It goes through 23 adventures you get to truly experience as you raise your kids. Don’t lie, it sounds like loads of fun to blow bubbles, play with puppies, dress up for Halloween, rediscover the wonders of Disney Land, and so much more. Certain things are that much more special on round 2:) Enjoy…

23 Amazing Things You Get To Relive Through Your Kids


Staying Positive During Potty Training

As most parents know, one of the most difficult tasks in raising a child is getting them to graduate from diapers to using the toilet through successful toddler potty training. For first time parents, hearing your son or daughter ask to use the “big kid potty” can be quite daunting, not to mention the journey that follows! Toddler potty training takes a great deal of time, and with that comes stress and frustration when training doesn’t go smoothly. You may find it hard to stay motivated, but keeping a positive attitude is key in making sure your child completes their transition from diapers to the potty.

First and foremost, your patience is key when it comes to starting the whole process of toddler potty training. Every single child is different, and therefore there is no set age when your child should begin graduating from diapers. With pressure from outside sources telling you when your child should start, it can be discouraging when your son or daughter takes a great amount of time to show interest in using the potty. Remember, toddlers will resist negativity and pressure, which can cause great frustration in both you and your child. Your son or daughter will let you know when they want to start the process of toddler potty training.

When that day does arrive, however, prepare yourself both mentally and with suitable products. There will be accidents, and it is crucial in toddler potty training not to get upset with the child when there is a setback. You may feel concerned that they are not progressing, but staying positive will show your toddler that you are not cross with them and, in turn, will keep them progressing. That being said, keep in mind that you must show your child that they did not do anything wrong. Positive statements such as “Someone didn’t make it in time!” will send the message that, while you are you recognizing your child’s effort, there is still work to be done.

You may find yourself struggling at times to stay positive for you and your child. Setbacks and long periods without progress during toddler potty training can dampen your spirits, as well as your carpet! Connecting with fellow parents who have been in similar situations can lift your spirits greatly. Try and find a local parent support group you can go to when the going gets tough, or even to trade some good “potty” humor! Finding the funny is easier than you think. You can find local support groups focused on toddler potty training online.

While you may find it hard to stay positive in the face of missed targets, and mountains of little soiled pants, remember that this time in your child’s life comes only once. You have to remember that toddler potty training isn’t going to be mastered overnight. But, with encouragement and patience comes successful results. Through toddler potty training, your child will have entered a new stage in his or her development, and you too will have gained invaluable practice in the art of staying positive – you’ll certainly need it when they start driving!