Easy Recipe To Make a Boom For The Fourth!!

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but half the reason I get excited about holidays is so I can prepare festive recipes. July 4th is coming up on Friday, and I can’t wait to get going in the kitchen! One treat I’m looking forward to making is actually my own recipe. (IT’S GOOD I PROMISE) I call it “Red White and Blue Angel.” It’s SUPER easy to make and actually pretty healthy (don’t tell your kids or the macho men it’s healthy because they LOVE it and can’t tell) shhh…

Here are the ingredients:

1. 1 box of angel food cake mix (I use Betty Crocker)

2. 2 tubs of fat free cool whip

3. 2 1oz boxes of vanilla sugar free pudding

4. 4 cups of milk (I use almond milk, but whatever you prefer)

5. 2 cups sliced strawberries (frozen or fresh)

6. 2 cups blueberries (frozen or fresh)

7. (Optional) 2 low fat cinnamon graham crackers (crumbled)

8. Triffle dish


1. Bake the angel food cake in two 8 inch round pans

2. While cake is baking, prepare both boxes of vanilla pudding and set in fridge (you may have left over pudding)

3. When cake is finished, let cool completely

4. Place the first round cake on the bottom of the triffle dish (it’s okay if it falls apart a little!)

5. Pour about a third of the combined pudding mixture so that it completely covers the cake

6. Evenly spread a generous layer of cool whip over the pudding

7. Sprinkle half of the strawberries and blueberries over the cool whip (1 cup of each)

8. (optional) sprinkle half of the graham cracker crumbs over berries

9. Place second round cake over the berries and then repeat after #5!!

10. Once your masterpiece is finished, let it sit in the fridge for at lest 3 hours. (Overnight is preferable, the longer it sits, the more the cake will absorb the pudding)

11. ENJOY!! (mouth is watering just writing out the recipe…)



Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Going out for margaritas and Mexican food is a killer combo, and what better day to go than Cinco de Mayo? This year we should try to take a healthier and cheaper approach! Don’t make a reservation, just invite everyone over for a Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Calories really build up when you order rounds of sugary drinks, so make your own version. I love Crystal Light margarita mix. It tastes great and the mix only has a few calories. If you haven’t already, try Skinny girl margaritas with only 100 calories per drink! I actually like these more than the margaritas I order when I go out for Mexican!

We all know you can’t go wrong with some Mexican munchies! I always chow down on the free chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants, but I didn’t realize how fattening the chips are! They are usually loaded with fat and sodium, and sometimes the chips contain trans fats. For a healthier option, mix avocado with some salsa and pair it with baked tortilla chips. Eat this while you sip on your margarita and you have yourself a festive and healthy Mexican snack. Have a happy and skinny Cinco de Mayo 🙂