Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Going out for margaritas and Mexican food is a killer combo, and what better day to go than Cinco de Mayo? This year we should try to take a healthier and cheaper approach! Don’t make a reservation, just invite everyone over for a Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Calories really build up when you order rounds of sugary drinks, so make your own version. I love Crystal Light margarita mix. It tastes great and the mix only has a few calories. If you haven’t already, try Skinny girl margaritas with only 100 calories per drink! I actually like these more than the margaritas I order when I go out for Mexican!

We all know you can’t go wrong with some Mexican munchies! I always chow down on the free chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants, but I didn’t realize how fattening the chips are! They are usually loaded with fat and sodium, and sometimes the chips contain trans fats. For a healthier option, mix avocado with some salsa and pair it with baked tortilla chips. Eat this while you sip on your margarita and you have yourself a festive and healthy Mexican snack. Have a happy and skinny Cinco de Mayo 🙂

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