Go Ahead, Drink the Barre Juice

Go Ahead, Drink the Barre Juice

This is a picture of the workout that seems to have taken over young women’s workout routines for the past few years. I feel that new studios are popping up everywhere, but the high cost of many barre studios is enough to scare some women away. I must ask the question. Is it worth the money?
I am a self-proclaimed workout junky. I will try anything for a week and feel there is not much I have not tried. Sports, speed training, sprinting, marathons, row classes, yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, and now barre. As I woman I feel there are two types of bodies we strive to achieve. For those who want the stronger, muscular bodies I would recommend a trainer or Crossfit and you can stop reading here. For those you who want to look like a yoga instructor with long and lean muscles you should consider barre.
Before starting barre I found many excuses to not go. “I am not a dancer”. “Yoga and Pilates are not hard enough”. “It’s not enough cardio”. “I am not coordinated enough for this”. “Those types of women are snooty and judgmental”. I am here to say that on my first class, every hesitation went out the window. It was an amazing workout that focuses on the female body to develop and tighten areas that we want firm: arms, thighs, seat, and abs. It was great to find small movements that hit the exact spots I had once struggled to work without doing lunges or squats till the break of dawn. The music was great, the women were friendly, and the workout was a great success. It was be intimidating trying any new form of a workout. I will be honest, your first class will be awkward. You are learning something you have never done before. Give it a second try. I truly believe that if you are looking for a long and lean body, barre classes are the best way to go.

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