Soup Season and Southern Breakfast

Here in the South the winter has been much colder than normal. I usually love cooking up new recipes, but the weather has put a stop to many once quick and easy grocery runs. Soup has become my new go-to food because it can be frozen and saved for a long time… I am also trying to get ready for a summer body. You know what they say, “Summer bodies are created in the winter months.” I recently stumbled upon this recipe and after a few adjustments it has become a household favorite. Yes wives, that does include my husband who normally pouts the moment he sees any form of broth on the counter.

Ingredients: I package hot Italian sausage, 1 package vacuum-packed gnocchi, 2 beef bouillon cubes, 2 cans of Italian stewed tomatoes, fresh spinach leaves, and 6 cups of water.

Direction: Simple brown sausage in a pan, drain extra fat for calories sake, then add all ingredients and cook on medium until the gnocchi floats to the top.If you are a lover of cheese, like myself, top with Parmesan.

This is a soup that not only tastes great, but makes the house smell just as tasty. Who doesn’t love the smell of a southern breakfast?Soup

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