Australian toddler gets head stuck in potty chair


Firefighters were called to a family’s home in Melbourne, Australia after a three-year-old boy placed a potty chair on his head.

“Firefighters and paramedics were called to a home in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston after reports the training toilet had somehow got wedged on the child‘s head as he played with it — and would not come off,” reports Fox News DFW.

“The three-year-old boy reportedly became stressed after efforts to remove it failed.”

Parents reportedly called the firefighters because they were afraid to attempt to remove the device themselves.

Firefighters cut the potty to free the child’s head, and there were no injuries reported.

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[Note: Parents please take note of this story and use caution with your own child. A potty chair can not only be uncomfortable for your child’s head, but also be full of harmful germs that can make you child sick. Please be sure to clean you potty chair well after each use, or to save time and energy use Tidy Tots.]

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