How to Get Dad Involved in Potty Training

Hands-on dads are not unusual today; according to the 2011 U.S. census, around 176,000 dads are at-home parents, and many more share equally with working moms in child care. But even involved dads may prefer to pass on potty training participation. Both parents need to be on the same page and working together to reinforce potty training and make the process painless for parents and child. Encouraging Dad to become involved may speed up and ease the potty training process.

Explain the PlanHow to Get Dad Involved in Potty Training

Potty training techniques come and go over the years. If Dad says he was trained in two weeks by the age of 15 months because his mom sat him on the potty every 15 minutes all day long, smile, nod and explain that experts no longer recommend that method. Don’t mention that Grandma’s memory may also be slightly faulty about potty training details. Do explain in detail, in writing if necessary, whatever system you’re using for potty training. Dad can maintain consistency in toilet training and will know how to handle accidents, potty-chair refusals and other issues. Better yet, offer several different ideas and decide together which one will work best for your child.

Encourage Enthusiasm

Potty training is milestone in a little one’s life. Praise from both the mom and dad can help reinforce positive behavior. Dad may overlook the effect that parental enthusiasm has in motivating a child. Remind him that he’s an important person in his child’s life and sometimes a more powerful motivator than Mom. If you’re using a potty chart to mark down successes, remind Dad to paste in the stars, draw in the smiley faces or whatever method you’re using to show your child’s progress.

Encourage Imitation

If you have a son, nothing works as well as imitation. If Dad can handle being “exhibit A” in how big boys go potty, encourage him to give a demonstration. You can also encourage competition by putting an object in the toilet to act as a target. Dad and son may both enjoy the competition of hitting the target dead center, which may also help keep your bathroom floor cleaner. Experts differ on whether it’s best to teach boys to urinate sitting down or standing up, but if you’re having trouble getting the concept through to your son, a dad demonstration may help him get the idea faster.

Point Out the Advantages

Remind Dad of the advantages that will come with successful potty training. A potty-trained child becomes much more portable than a child tethered to diapers, wipes, ointment and the dreaded diaper bag to carry. And the cost of washing underwear can’t begin to compare to the cost of disposable diapers or a diaper service. Stress the advantages of working together to get Dad on board to accomplish potty training as quickly as possible to simplify both your lives.


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