“How do you raise happy children?”

Nine ways to raise happy kids from wordplayhouse.com:

Raising-happy-children1 ‘Schedule’ plenty of un-scheduled time so children can explore new interests, creative outlets, and play on their own.

2 Surround your children with happy hues. Warm colors like yellow and orange bring a feeling of well-being and cheerfulness.

3 Have children enjoy plenty of outside play. Sunshine literally showers us with happiness (Vitamin D).

4 Outside play often leads to active play. Physical activity is good for a healthy body, heart and mind.

5 Quiet time is re-energizing time. If your child is busy, let their minds and bodies reboot with time to rest, read, imagine and dream.

6 Feed them healthy snacks and meals. Nutritious foods are full of vitamins and minerals that regulate a child’s mood and give them energy.

7 Pare down your child’s lessons, practices and sports. Ours choose only one or two activities a week. This creates a family enjoying calm, quiet, happy together time not focused on rushing to the next meeting, game, or commitment. This also lets us—

8 Eat dinner together every evening. Family dinner time gathers the family. Children are secure and happy when they feel their family is stable, happy, and enjoys being together. Dinner time together facilitates a family conversation, closeness, trust, and shared laughter—

9 Laugh together. With laughter, life is a bed of roses flowers.

Source: http://www.wordplayhouse.com/2011/08/raising-happy-children.html

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