Whose job is it to potty-train a child? Parents or teachers?

From: Mscyprah.newsvine.com


Recently there has been a debate going on about how children learn their potty training functions, that it should be the teachers’ responsibility. This was not an issue a decade ago because that was firmly regarded as the parents’ duty. But with many mothers working too, that function is gradually encroaching on school time.

Well I am in a good position to judge this issue because I have been both parent and teacher, and I can safely say, without a doubt, it is the parent’s job.

A child should start school with some essential personal functions already learnt, and using the potty, or going to the toilet, should be one of them. Every teacher is in charge of a number of pupils, up to 35 in the UK, per class. Where on earth would teachers find the time to train each child with the others to supervise? That’s the first question. The sheer number of pupils involved makes it difficult to give every child the attention he/she needs, while still being able to adequately monitor the others.

Secondly, teachers are not there as simple socialisers. They are there as educators of specific knowledge, to both impart and encourage it, in a detached way. They are not just glorified babysitters with nothing better to do with their time. They are qualified professionals who chose teaching to exercise their passion, skills and expertise.

Thirdly, children are getting less and less of their parents’ time these days, especially with many family having two jobs. This is not good for bonding together, boosting the child’s self confidence or feeling of value. Training their children in various functions helps to extend such quality time together and make the child feel more secure.

So for me, there is no quibbling: potty training is for parents to help the children feel better about themselves when they actually start to mingle with others and should be done in the home.

Source: http://mscyprah.newsvine.com/_news/2012/02/16/10424050-whose-job-is-it-to-potty-train-a-child-parents-or-teachers-poll

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