Potty Party: It’s a ‘Potty’ Time Celebration

When I first heard the words “party for potty training“, I thought a) this is a joke, or b) it’s like Mardi-Gras, meaning that you throw a party knowing that the next few months will be extremely hard to deal with. Yet sure enough, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a party to get your child excited and geared up to start potty training. What an awesome idea! I never thought about it before, but potty training is a very important milestone in your child’s life. Why not celebrate it! Check it out:


Posted on February 7, 2012 7:03AM by 

 Potty parties might not be standard for most mamas, but after seeing the adorable pastel and chevron celebration created by Creative Juice’s Mindy Starr, you might just be inspired to change that.

Starr celebrated her daughter’s potty training by throwing a stylish fete, inviting other recent potty users and their “trainers” (aka moms) and creating diaper-themed games, a sweet dessert table, and some clever printables, which are now available forpurchase through Etsy. While this party is undoubtedly over the top, Starr credits it as one of the reasons her potty training was a success — and with cupcakes, cookie pops, a cake, and candy potty favors as an incentive, we’re not surprised!

Source: Creative Juice

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