Potty Training Problems in the U.K.

Article from MadeforMums.com

Teachers see increase in number of school children wetting themselves

Primary school teachers have raised concerns about the number of children starting school without having mastered basic life skills, such as toilet training or putting on their own coat

Posted: 7 February 2012
by Kim Hookem
Nursery school
Teaching children basic skills for independence is increasingly falling to school teachers

An increasing number of children are starting school before they’re properly potty trained, according to a new survey of primary school teachers.

Of the 850 teachers polled, two thirds said they had seen the number of children wetting or soiling themselves in class grow over the past five years.

Teachers also voiced concerns that children are becoming less independent. Many suggested children now need help with basic skills such as getting changed for PE or even putting on their coat, which previous generations had already mastered by school age.

“Parents do not spend the time training their children – they feel it is the school’s job,” said one teacher.

Another teacher explained the situation in her reception class: “I currently have three incontinent children. Sometimes an adult changes children up to nine times daily. This means the education of other children suffers.”

Potty training is different for every child but on average, children train around the age of 2 to 3, ensuring they’re ready to stay dry when they go to school at age 4 or 5. If you’re about the get started, check out our potty training section for tips from other mums and potty training trouble-shooting.

Source: http://www.madeformums.com/toddler/teachers-see-increase-in-number-of-school-children-wetting-themselves/21350.html


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