The-Spring-Mount-6-Pack Mom Gives Tidy Tots a Try

Debi from decided to give Tidy Tots a try. Here is what Debi had to say about her Tidy Tots experience:

“Willow (her daughter) is potty trained, and has been for a while. The problem is she is young. So when she has to go, she has to go. So we still have her little potty in the living room for when someone else is already in the bathroom. But I hate using the little potty. No matter how much I scrub it and disinfect it, it still feels gross. So when I was given the chance to review Tidy Tots I was pretty excited about it.

The box comes with these trash bag type bags with a drawl and a padded absorbant insert. After the child uses the potty, lift the bag and pull it closed. It couldn’t be easier, or cleaner. With our potty, all that’s left is wiping the seat.

I was hesitant at first when I saw them. My first thoughts after she peed in it were, “Ok it is easy but I wouldn’t spend the money for them.” After the first type she pooped, I was sold. These are a complete must. It was done in seconds and there was no big production.

Tidy Tots has made life so much easier. While we do not need to carry the potty chair with use when we go out, this is a great solution for families who do. It takes the mess and hassle out of traveling.

Read the full review at:

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