An amazing review from a Tidy Tots amazon customer

This wonderful mother has recently completed her second round of potty training using Tidy Tots as her secret weapon. Please share this compelling story with every potty training mom you know. I am sure they would all appreciate the help:)
Review Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Subject: Makes potty training a breeze…a cleaner breeze at that.
December 13, 2011
By ejohn8866 –

“I am the mother of two small boys, ages 4 and 2, with another on the way. It was clear to me that I wanted to have our 2-year old son potty trained prior to the addition of our third child. However, the daunting task of getting a 2-year old potty trained was not inviting to me. I clearly remembered some of the challenges we encountered when training our older son and I was not looking forward to the mess, smells, and power struggles that typically accompany potty training. In fact, the condition of my first potty chair became so poor that I actually had to throw it away.

However, Tidy Tots came to my rescue. Equipped with my brand new potty chair, I was able to use the liners and absorbent pads to make the mechanical challenges of potty training almost a breeze. I no longer had to clean my potty chair insert or endure that lingering stale smell that could sometimes inhabit my bathroom. All I had to do was keep my liners and pads close at hand. Every time the pad became saturated; I closed up the bag, threw it in the trash, placed a new bag in its place and inserted a new pad. We were ready for the next round without an aggressive cleaning taking place. And now that potty training of my 2-year old has come to a successful conclusion, I still have a clean potty chair that I can use for the next child’s turn. This fact alone more than pays for the cost of the Tidy Tot supplies!

Thanks Tidy Tots for making this potty training rotation a trouble-free experience. I can’t wait to use the product again on the next go around.”

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