Child Wellness: Potty training

Potty training your child: how long should it take? According to the experts, no two children train alike. Marcie Fraser reports.

“It depend son the readiness of the child,” said Dr. Barry Kogan.

According to pediatric urologist Dr. Kogan, the average age for potty training is between the age of two and three and if your child is struggling, look first to potty issues.

“So if there is constipation, very frequent urgency with urination or holding the urine during the day, that needs to be fixed before we fix any bed wetting problems during the night,” said Kogan

Read on the potty, good or bad idea?

“I think it’s probably not all that helpful to read a book while on the potty. I don’t think that is beneficial,” Kogan said.

While in training, pullups, yes or no?

“I am not big on pullups during the day but I think for young children, pullups at night are fine. I think it is better than having a huge scene in the evening for young children,” said Kogan.

Is your child ready? Maybe. If he or she is able to stay dry for two hours at a time during the day or is dry after a nap. [Read more by clicking the link below]

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