Adventures in Potty Training: From

1. Prepare the environment
• Have child friendly potty training books available
• Teach your child to dress and undress themselves so they can successfully do so when using the toilet.
• Dress your child in easy-on and -off clothing so they can be successful.
• Diaper your child in the bathroom, and have them stand while being changed and participate as much as they can.
• Offer children the opportunity to sit on the toilet or potty seat at each diaper change.
• Discuss how we want to be “clean and dry” as you change diapers.

2. Observe your child for emotional signs of readiness, such as:
• He is aware he has a wet or soiled diaper.
• He is interested in sitting on, using or seeing others use the toilet.
• He is motivated to do things for himself.
• He is not in a negative/contrary stage (when the response to anything is an emphatic, automatic “no”).

3. Observe your child for signs of physical readiness, such as:
• Is your child talking, walking and has the ability to remove his own clothing?
• Is his diaper frequently dry at changing time?
• Does he “go “ in the potty when invited to?
• Does he have consistent bowel movements?

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Toddlerhood is an exciting time for both parents and children; the young child is realizing he is an individual, gaining independence and learning about himself and the world around him. Toilet learning is a ‘rite of passage’ for

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