Debra’s Dollars on Tidy Tots

July 30, 2011
Tidy Tots: Disposable potty chair liners Review & Giveaway ~Closed~ Ended 8/14/11

There are many challenges you will face when potty training your child. One of the challenges will be cleaning up the mess after each use. Now there is a safe and sanitary alternative that will help make this experience less of a challenge. You can spend more time praising your child and less time cleaning the potty chair. Now dad will want to take your son or daughter to the potty too. I want to introduce you to Tidy Tots.

Tidy Tots are a disposable potty chair liner with an absorbent pad. The potty chair liners are easy to use and fit any potty chair. All you do is put the liner in the bowl of the potty chair with the drawstrings on the outside of the bowl to so that it will cover the entire bowl of the potty chair.

Then add one super absorbent pad which comes with the liners and the potty chair is ready for use . The super absorbent pads were made to absorb like a diaper, and to absorb more urine than your child can produce in one visit.

Clean up is simple all you do is remove the liner and pull the drawstrings like you would a garbage bag, and throw it away in the trash. If you still have your diaper genie you can still put it to good use and place it in there.

Each box contains 16 super absorbent pads and 16 potty chair liners . I prefer to change the pad and liner each time as like the flush every time method, but as stated in the Tidy Tots disposable potty chair liners instructional video you can choose to wait to change it for 2-3 uses after urination to get up to 48 uses out of the liner and pads

TidyTots come in handy while you are traveling. I love that there is no more visiting public toilets and trying to get a toddler on the big pottys. Now you no longer have to be concerned about using harsh chemicals to clean your toddlers potty chair. Tidy Tots are safe and sanitary. Now the worst part about potty training has been eliminated, and that is cleaning the potty chair bowl. You can find Tidy Tots on Facebook. To purchase Tidy Tots visit their website or you can find Tidy Tots on

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